Who is an AJSE couple? 

When I ask an AJSE couple what is most important to them on their wedding day, one of the first things they say is that they want to have FUN. They care about the details, they want a beautiful design but in the end, what they really want is for their guests to wake up the next morning saying "that was one of the best weddings we have ever been to." They care about creating menus that incorporate their favorite foods but also surprise & delight their guests, they want a bar stocked with their favorite cocktails, music that gets everyone up and dancing, personalized details incorporated throughout and for the day to flow seamlessly. They don't want to worry about a thing once their wedding weekend arrives (and they don't because they have us!)


Our clients are kind, social, laid-back yet know what they want and are deeply in love (often times they are also obsessed with their furbabies, spend their free time at wineries & breweries and consider themselves "ice cream-aholics" but those, of course, aren't requirements. Just bonus points! Because I can't think of a better way to spend our planning meetings than sitting at a winery with your dog and maybe getting ice cream after.)

They want to be involved with their wedding planning but often do not have the time to manage the entire project from start to finish. They value collaboration. They want to see options that are specifically curated to them. They want a professional on their side managing the day-to-day logistics, communicating with their team of wedding vendors and making sure no detail slips through the cracks. They want to enjoy their wedding day with their friends and family knowing they have us in their corner making sure everything is executed perfectly.

The Details

Our Full Service clients are prepared to invest $75,000 - $150,000 + for weddings with 100-175 guests

(though we love weddings of all sizes! For couples interested in our services, we recommend allocating a minimum of $800 per guest to create an ideal overall wedding budget)

All full service clients work directly with Alyssa. Pricing begins at $10,000 for clients at an indoor all-inclusive venue or $12,000 for clients with at-home or a la carte tented weddings. Final pricing is contingent upon wedding complexities and location.

AJSE does offer custom partial planning packages. 

Alyssa accepts partial planning clients once we are within 11 months of your wedding date. Pricing begins at $8,000.

Rachel, AJSE's newest planner, accepts the majority of our partial planning clients. Her pricing begins at $6,000.

Partial planning packages are only offered for weddings within (50) miles of West Hartford, CT.

Wedding Management is only offered once we are within 9 months of your wedding date. Pricing begins at $3,000. Wedding Management is only offered for weddings within (40) miles of West Hartford, CT.

We do not offer this service for at-home weddings.

Please contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation so we can discuss your unique planning needs and follow up with a bespoke proposal!



Virtual Planning & Design Services

Send us an email to learn more!

"She truly made my husband and my vision come to life. Not only did she come extremely prepared for our first meeting with questions that spanned everything from the ceremony to the reception to décor and anything in between, she also had such amazing insight on things with the caterer for instance, as well as things we hadn’t even thought of. She was also more than willing to be involved pulling details together, like folding and tying 120+ napkins the night before. She always listened, never rushed me through my thoughts, and was extremely responsive. She kept us on time and organized while still recognizing that the day was about us enjoying and having fun with those closest to us. I know I don’t know all the issues she encountered that day, and that’s because she’s amazing at her job and handled them. Everything was beautifully executed" 

Emily & Mike

Married 9.1.18

"She really wants to make sure her clients are feeling good and comfortable with the day, so really goes out of her way to make sure that happens. Leading up to the wedding, she was so on-point in connecting with vendors and letting them know she was now the main point of contact, that I did not even have to worry about things not being communicated! Alyssa is extremely responsive, professional, and has a wonderful, upbeat personality and attitude -- it's impossible not to like her and her work only emulates how wonderful she is. Even AFTER the wedding, I was having issues with locating extra favors and she reached out to the venue to get the answer and resolve the issue. Whenever there was something I just didn't have the capacity to do, I knew I could ask for her help, and never had a worry or doubt that she wouldn't do it expertly. It never appeared like this was just another wedding for Alyssa -- she makes you feel like your wedding is the most important and truly cares. .

Siobhan & Mark

Married 10.20.18

Hands down, I would highly recommend Alyssa to anyone getting married! From start to finish, she was incredible and a pleasure to work with! And honestly, we could NOT have done it without her! She was so helpful, she made the entire process so easy for us and not overwhelming as it can be at the very beginning. She even went out of her way on numerous occasions just to meet with us to get to know us more. Our wedding day was the single most wonderful and special day of our lives, and a lot in part to Alyssa and her hard work and expertise with vendors and pulling it all together. And for any bride shopping for a planner - a MUST is hiring the planner the day of! We did not have to think or do a single thing the day of and be distracted at all from each other and this most special day so would definitely recommend that as a part of the package! Alyssa made it all happen and come together so we didn't have to think of a thing. We're even a little sad - well because the wedding is over but also, because we've become friends with Alyssa so our friendship definitely doesn't end with the wedding. It was a true pleasure working with you - you would be making the right decision in doing so too.

Kimberlee & Brandon

Married 9.28.19