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What a Wedding Planner Does and Why You Need One

Hi Everyone!

I’m back with blog post #2! I meant to get to this one last week but the winter flu got me and I had to take some time to just rest and recover. I’m feeling great now and can’t wait to share my next topic with all of you!

Today’s topic is “What a Wedding Planner Does and Why You Need One.” This is by no means an exhaustive list as there are countless benefits to hiring a wedding planner.

Let’s jump right in to some of the biggest reasons to hire a professional planner:

1. A wedding planner works for YOU.

Many brides will say “My venue has a coordinator, I don’t need a wedding planner.” WRONG!

A venue coordinator is just that – a coordinator for the venue. Their only job is to coordinate the pieces that happen at the venue. Keep in mind that many venues often host 4-5 weddings in a single weekend and your venue coordinator is handling all or most of those weddings. Your wedding is not their primary concern. The venue coordinator is often taking prospective couples on tours of the venue on your wedding day and is not available for you until the ceremony or cocktail hour. A venue coordinator is typically not on-site for the entire wedding- most will leave after dinner has been served. Venue coordinators also have a high turnover rate. It is not uncommon for your venue coordinator to leave their position prior to your wedding day which would then leave you in the hands of someone new. A venue coordinator is a great asset to have but do not expect them to take on the role of personal wedding planner for you.

On the other hand – a wedding planner works solely for you! They will handle details and logistics that a venue coordinator won’t such as: managing and communicating with your vendors, developing timelines and itineraries, coordinating with your family and bridal party, and being available to you at any point on your wedding day. A wedding planner truly has your best interests at heart and will be the biggest advocate to ensure your wedding day is perfect.

2. Planners coordinate the big picture, not just pieces

A wedding planner has a hand in everything, not just individual pieces. Each of your vendors is concerned only with their services – not how they come together as a whole. The venue coordinator only cares about pieces that affect the venue. The wedding planner is the piece that brings it all together. A wedding planner will help you to select reputable vendors, keep on track with your budget, manage all of the vendors and create a cohesive timeline for the wedding day. If your ceremony is in a separate location from the cocktail hour and reception, the wedding planner will be present in both locations, coordinate the logistics and timing with vendors and assist in directing your guests to the next location. A wedding planner can also assist with things like your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and post-wedding brunch!

3. Planners make everything stress-free and more enjoyable for YOU

A wedding planner exists to make your life easier (and who doesn’t want that?!) Let’s say you fall in love with a particular venue and then meet the venue coordinator and realize this is not the person you want working on your wedding. Unfortunately the venue coordinator comes with the venue and you don’t get to choose them. A wedding planner, however, is hand selected by you and is someone you work with throughout much of the planning process. They become someone you know and trust. They always have your best interest at heart.

Wedding planners take away all of the stress on the big day to leave you feeling relaxed and able to fully enjoy your time with friends and family. They are professionals and are experienced in dealing with any issues that may arise and do so in a calm manner. Hiring a wedding planner also means your friends and family can enjoy the day with you as no one needs to worry about setting up/breaking down décor, loading gifts onto a car at the end of the evening, ensuring vendors arrive on time and set up properly, etc.

4. Planners can help in selecting , booking and managing vendors

Do you know when you should book your vendors by? Are you sure the prices your vendor is quoting are reasonable? Do you fully understand your vendor contract? Do you know if you’re booking a reputable vendor? Do you know the right questions to ask your vendor before booking?

These are all questions that a wedding planner can assist with. Wedding planners know the best vendors in the area as they have probably worked with most of them. Your venue may offer a list of preferred vendors, however, did you know that many of those vendors pay to be called preferred vendors? This means that any vendor who is willing to pay an advertising fee can become a preferred vendor, reputation and credentials aside. Your wedding planner will offer unbiased recommendations based on their experience from working with other vendors. Your planner can also review contracts and let you know if the pricing you’re getting is too high or too good to be true. They can also track payment deadlines and due dates to ensure you stay on track!

5. Planners have fresh ideas

Wedding planners are experts in the wedding industry. It’s their job to stay on top of the latest trends and fresh ideas. They have worked with all different vendors in many different venues and can offer insight as to things that work and things that don’t work. Just because something looks great on Pinterest doesn’t mean it works as well in real life. They can help guide you with décor and design and offer unique ideas to make your wedding day truly your own.

6. “It’s not in our budget to hire a planner”

Budget would likely be one of the top reasons that couples choose to not hire a planner. If a full service wedding planner is not in your budget, most offer partial and day-of planning packages at reasonable prices. At the very least, I would recommend hiring a day-of coordinator. Most couples would agree this is the best money they spent on their wedding.

Wedding planners also exist to help you SAVE money. They can help you set and manage a budget and offer insight as to where to spend money and where you can save. Some planners may also be able to offer discounts with vendors they have developed partnerships with.

There are many benefits to hiring a wedding planner to work alongside you to plan your day. If you’re still not convinced you need a wedding planner, please reach out to me and I’ll keep my list going!

I love to hear your comments and feedback! I respond to every email I receive and love hearing from brides!

As always, Happy Planning!



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