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Vendor Spotlight - Amber Jones Photography

Hi Everyone!

This week is a double blog post week! Today's post is a vendor spotlight on Amber Jones Photography based in West Hartford. She specializes in wedding & engagement photography as well as boudoir photography. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Amber and discussing our mutual love for weddings!

I met Amber at her studio in West Hartford where I was greeted with a delicious slice of red velvet cake from A Little Something Bakery, conveniently located downstairs (if you’re looking for a wedding cake or really any type of cake, I highly recommend them!). She was so nice and easy to chat with and shared several of her wedding albums with me, all of which were breathtaking. We chatted about how we both got started in the wedding industry, some of our favorite past wedding moments, and I picked her brain on how she established herself as an in-demand wedding photographer in Connecticut.

I wanted to get to know more about her and her photography so in your typical planner fashion – I came prepared with a list of questions, which she graciously answered.

What do you love about wedding photography?

She loves that the couple has chosen her to be a part of their big day. “They are trusting me to document everything and be a part of those special moments from the first look to the last dance.” She loves that she is able to take the bride and groom away from the crowd for 15-20 minutes to give them some alone time to celebrate each other and that she is able to be present and document those moments that they can look back on for years to come.

What is your favorite moment to capture on the wedding day?

“Before I had my son, my favorite thing to capture was the first time the bride and groom saw each other. Now, my favorite part to capture is the mother/son dance.”

What is your top piece of advice for couples taking photos on their wedding day?

We chatted about this topic for a while. In addition to being a wedding planner, I’m also a bride-to-be myself so I was extra curious as to her thoughts on this topic. She is a firm believer that you must have a connection and trust with your photographer. “If that piece is missing, it comes through in the photographs.”

This question tied in to another question I had for her which was: How do you recommend couples choose the right photographer for them?

She believes it’s important to be able to feel relaxed, enjoy a glass of wine and have a conversation with your photographer. “The photographer is one of the people you will spend the most time with on your wedding day and you want that time to be enjoyable. It’s also really important that you like their work.”

This lead me right into my next question which was – Tell me a little bit about your photography style?

Having looked at her website beforehand and gone through the albums she shared, it’s easy to see that her style is gorgeous. I was curious to hear though how she described it in her own words. “Timeless photography” is what she is after. She wants the photos she takes to become a part of her client’s heritage. She feels it’s very important to get a mix of the candid and emotional shots as well as the well-posed portraits. She explains to her clients that express they don’t want the “posed” shots that these photos have a place. “The well-posed family portraits need to be that way as these are the photos that will be hanging on the wall in your family’s home.” I could not agree with her sentiment more – I had my engagement photos done with my fiancée last spring and I had several of the images printed that I wanted to give to our family as Christmas gifts. I asked their opinion on which shots they liked best and just about all of the photos they wanted were the ones that were more staged. I love seeing these photos hanging in my parent’s home when I come to visit.

To wrap up our conversation – I asked what I always want to know – What keeps you coming back for more?

Simply put – “I love it. I love everything about weddings and marriage. I love seeing family come together to celebrate.”

I want to thank Amber again for taking the time to meet with me and sharing more about what she does. If you are looking for a wedding photographer, you can’t go wrong with her! To see samples of her work, make sure to take a look at her website:

Thanks for reading and as always – Happy Planning!



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