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Planning the Bach Bash!

Hi Everyone! I feel like it has been forever since I last posted! As many of you know, I was celebrating my Bachelorette Party last week and took the week off from writing to totally enjoy my time. And I did! We had such a great time in Florida that I decided this week’s blog post would be a few tips on planning a Bachelorette Party and then a second follow-up post all about my weekend in the Tampa Bay area!

So, for those of you tasked with the honor of planning the Bach Bash – here are a few tips to get you started!

Who should plan?

Usually, the duty to plan the Bachelorette Party goes to the Maid of Honor. However, if you’re like me, you probably want some control (okay, all control) over the party, so feel free to plan as much or as little of your own weekend as you want!

Who Pays?

I think this really comes down to the type of party you choose to have. The destination Bachelorette Weekend is becoming much more mainstream. For this type of party, it’s very common for everyone to pay for their own flight and accommodations. The Maid of Honor is usually responsible for putting together “party favors” for everyone whether that is matching shirts, hats, souvenirs, games, etc. From there, usually everyone chips in and pays for the bride-to-be’s dinner and/or drinks while you’re tearing up the town. Other than that, I think most brides understand this is an expensive trip and are willing to pay their fair share of other expenses.

If the Bachelorette Party is a single day or evening and is local – it is customary for everyone in attendance to cover the bride’s share.

Where do I even start with planning?

Start by asking the bride what she wants to do and her guest list along with their contact information. From there, the principal planner can start a group chat whether that be via Facebook, email, text, etc. and find a weekend that works for the most people in the group. Everyone is so busy these days that it is highly unlikely you will find a time that works for everyone, so go with the weekend that works best for the bride and the most amount of people.

Once a weekend and location are confirmed, the planner should start researching accommodations and activities. I am a HUGE fan of AirBnB for Bachelorette Parties! Renting a house is usually more affordable than a hotel room and gives much more space. It’s also great to have a full-size kitchen to keep drinks and snacks in. I personally like having coffee and breakfast at the house to help keep costs down. It’s also great to be able to take your time getting ready before heading out for a fun-filled day!

It’s a good idea as well to go into the weekend with an overall itinerary. I don’t think it’s necessary to have every minute planned out but have an idea of the main things you want to do and places you want to go for brunch and/or dinner. Make dinner reservations early, especially if you’re travelling to a foodie destination. In-demand restaurants book up quickly and it can be much more difficult getting weekend reservations for large parties. I absolutely love OpenTable and it’s a great way to see available reservation times in the city you’re travelling to on the date you want. Plus, you can see ratings from other diners so you know you’re making a good choice!

Make sure to book the key activities in advance and have everyone Venmo their share to you. Leave some wiggle-room in the schedule as you never know how everyone is going to feel. I attended one Bachelorette Party where a yoga class on our last day sounded like a great idea, until that day came and everyone had stayed out a bit too late and had one too many cocktails to want to go. Pick out one key activity and one meal reservation per day and plan everything else around that.

One thing to make sure of is that you are sharing the cost of the activities with everyone attending well in advance so they can properly budget. If you’re considering incorporating pricey activities such as a day trip to a high-end spa, make sure to relay that information early and make it optional to participate. It’s great to offer an alternative for those who may not be in a financial position to join in on the expensive activities and then find lower-cost options that everyone can do together during other times of the day.

The Bachelorette Party is meant to be a fun night or weekend away celebrating everyone’s friendship and spoiling the bride-to-be. Whether you are planning a day trip at a local winery followed by a glamorous dinner out or want to party like it’s 1999 at the clubs in Vegas – make sure it’s a reflection on the bride and her interests. She will remember this trip with her friends forever so it’s important that everything be centered around what she likes to do!

I hope you all got some great takeaways and are ready to plan the perfect Bachelorette Party! This week is going to be a double feature and I’ll be posting all about my Bachelorette Party – where we stayed, where we ate, what we did, etc. in case any of you are considering the Gulf Coast of Florida for your bash!

Happy Friday and as always, Happy Planning!




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