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Partner Post with Basic Invite - an online stationery company for all your wedding paper needs!

Hi Everyone!

Today on the blog, we have a vendor spotlight! I am featuring an online wedding stationery company called Basic Invite ( Basic Invite reached out to me this spring and presented an opportunity to partner with them – I love collaborating with other wedding vendors so I was interested in learning more about the company and the products they offer.

First and foremost, before I ever make a recommendation to my clients, I have to either meet the vendor, schedule an introductory call or FaceTime or personally try out their products to ensure I am always giving my clients the best referrals. Basic Invite was no different! They provided me with a custom coupon code and I went ahead and ordered a few samples. I made sure to order a sample in each of the different paper stocks they offer as I plan to share these with my clients so they can hold each piece in their hands to see what feels right for them! My personal favorite is the luxe velvet – it is SO soft and smooth, if you’ve ever touched a dolphin, it literally feels like that. I can’t stop touching it!


One of the things I love about their product is how user friendly and easy-to-customize their pieces were. Everything from the shape of the invite (yep, you can choose if you want rounded edges, square edges, bracket edges or ticket edges) to the color palette is customizable. You have 180+ color choices (with foil options!) to choose from. The color selection is applicable to everything on the invitation, not just the fonts! No matter your color palette, I can guarantee you will find something here that matches! And if you want to forgo color altogether, they’ve got your covered with these clear invites!

Not only do you have nearly unlimited color options to choose from on the stationery itself BUT they also offer 40+ options for envelope colors. The font selection on each invite can be modified as well to ensure the final product is uniquely yours and a true representation of your wedding design.


Now as a wedding planner, all of my full-service clients have their save-the-dates and invitations shipped to me where I then cross check all guest addresses were printed correctly, stuff the envelopes and drop in the mail. I always require the envelopes be pre-addressed to their guests when they arrive on my doorstep. Basic Invite makes the process of collecting your guest addresses simple: all you have to do is share a link with your guests, they upload their address and Basic Invite will then include FREE address printing on your envelopes! I mean, could it get much easier?!

They also make the process of sealing your envelopes a breeze. Until you have 200+ invitations to stuff and seal, I can guarantee you’ve probably never thought twice about the type of envelope you’re using. Well, let me just say - sealing traditional envelopes (you know, the kind where you have to lick the flap) when a client has 200+ invites to go out is not really my idea of a good time (but I do it because I love you guys and typically there is a glass of wine involved!). WELL – Basic Invite has solved my problem by offering “peel and seal” envelopes for all of their invitations! No more sticky envelope glue pens for this girl! And to just completely one up the competition – they even offer 30 different designs of “Seal and Send” wedding invitations to forgo the envelopes altogether. Your guest simply opens the invite and then tears off the RSVP card (which already has your address on it) to mail back to you! How trendy and cool are these?!


Basic Invite truly is one stop shopping for all of your wedding stationery needs. They offer everything from bridal shower invitations, save-the-dates, wedding invitations, ceremony programs, menu cards, place cards, thank you cards, and so much more! There are over 900 invitation suites to choose from with themes ranging from these country bridal shower invitations for the rustic bride all the way to sleek, modern invites for the more contemporary bride. Each invite includes the options of adding on matching enclosure cards such as RSVP cards, accommodations, and detail cards!

Country Rustic Wedding Invitation

One of the best things about Basic Invite is they allow you to order samples! After all, you’ve just spent so much time customizing your wedding invitation, you will want to make sure that it looks and feels as good in your hands as it does on your screen! They have a variety of paper options to choose from including their signature matte, luxe velvet, and double thick matte to name a few. Order a sample of each to find ensure you find your perfect paper!


So obviously I’m in the wedding industry so most of this post is geared towards those of you planning a wedding. However, Basic Invite goes beyond just wedding stationery – they want to create your invitations for all of life’s major milestones: graduations, baby showers, baptisms, birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs and even holiday parties.

Or let’s say you’re an entrepreneur like myself – they design business cards (have you guys ever seen clear business cards? I didn’t either but they offer them!) and custom stationery! I had to order a little monogrammed AJSE pad for myself because it was just too cute!

Lastly, and this relates to weddings – you can create a custom, FREE personal wedding website with Basic Invite! They have a variety of pre-built templates that you can choose from (but of course the option to customize is available!). The websites even allow for online RSVP’s.

Overall, I was very impressed with Basic Invite. The quality is wonderful and their pricing was extremely reasonable! I am looking forward to working with them more and feel 100% confident in recommending their products to my clients!

As always, Happy Planning!



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