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Incorporating your Furbaby into your wedding day!

Hi Everyone and Happy Friday!

Unless your brand new to my site and blog, it is no secret that I am a crazy #doglady. I absolutely love my rescue pup (his name is Finnegan) more than anything and a lot of the couples I work with feel the same way about their pets. When I got married last April, it wasn’t even a question that Finnegan would make an appearance. How could I not have my favorite boy there on one of the biggest days of my life?!

It is becoming more mainstream to include your furbaby in your wedding day. Not every wedding venue is pet friendly (I know, the horrors!!!!) so I wanted to create a post all about how you can include your pet in your wedding (even if they can’t physically attend!) Here are my 5 suggestions on ways you can incorporate your pet into your wedding day!

1) The most obvious one – include them in your ceremony!

If you include your dog in your ceremony as the ring bearer or flower girl, you can bet they will be the second-best star of the show. Brides – don’t worry, you’re always number 1 (sorry grooms but a cute dog in a tuxedo is hands down one of the cutest things ever!) I have had several couples include their dogs in their processional and they are escorted down the aisle by a member of the bridal party. If you decide to go this route, just make sure your dog is able to sit quietly during the actual ceremony. Those 15-20 minutes are all about you and your fiancé and you certainly don’t want to have a barking dog disrupt those precious moments!

2) Include them in your pre-ceremony photos

Many venues do not allow dogs in the indoor space but have no issue with them being outside. If you are planning to do a First Look and are doing the majority of your photos before the ceremony, why not designate someone to bring the dog to/from the venue so they can participate in part of the outdoor photo session?! This way, you still get to include your pup and see them on your wedding day and you’ll be able to treasure these special photos forever! Don’t have anyone available to transport your pooch? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our friends over at Pawfect For You specialize in wedding day pet care and chauffeur services!

Dogs in weddings, connecticut wedding planner

3) Unable to have your pet there with you on the big day – include them in your engagement session!

Most of our couples choose to do an engagement photo session before the wedding day. This is another opportunity for you to include your furry friend! Many couples print out these images and either create a photo album, guest book or individual framed prints that they use as décor during their wedding. This is a great way to have your pet there in spirit even if they can’t be there physically.

Gallaher Mansion Norwalk, CT Wedding

4) Name your signature cocktail after your pet!

Signature cocktails are so popular at weddings. If you’re unfamiliar with what is a signature drink is - the bride and the groom decide on either one or two drinks that they really enjoy and they come up with a personalized name for the cocktails that reflects their personalities or has meaning to them. They usually have custom signage made for the bar that lets guests know what their signature wedding cocktails are. Naming your signature cocktails after your pet is a super fun, cute and unexpected way to incorporate them into your wedding day.

For example, my dog’s name is Finnegan and I really enjoy gin cocktails so doing a signature cocktail that is a play on a Gin Fizz and naming it “FinneGIN Fizz” with a photo of my pooch next to it would be a fun way to bring him into the day!

at home connecticut wedding, ct wedding planner

5) Incorporate your pet into your wedding décor (in a tasteful way!)

With all the different pieces of décor brides purchase for their day, why not personalize it a bit more and incorporate your pet into it? Ways to do this include:

  • Custom table “numbers” or names that include names of past & current pets. Table numbers don’t always have to be numbers so feel free to get creative here!

  • Custom cake toppers with your dog’s silhouette in addition to yours

  • Personalize your escort card or seating chart to include a cute holder in your pet’s breed or add a custom paw print stamp to the corners of the guests’ cards in your wedding colors

  • Pet-themed wedding favors. And no this does not mean give everyone dog treats but a cute way to include your pet could be a small photo of them tied with a cute ribbon around the goodies. Or if you were planning to offer an edible treat, perhaps you can plan to offer a baked good in the shape of a paw print or dog bone with your pet’s photo (just make sure to let your guests’ know it is for human consumption only!)

Did you include your pet into your wedding day? How did you do it and was it a success?! Comment below and let me know what worked and what didn’t for including your furbaby into your wedding day!

connecticut rustic winter wedding

As always, Happy Planning!


Alyssa (and Finnegan!)


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