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Festive, Fun Fall Wedding Color Palettes

Happy Thursday Everyone! It is officially Fall! Time to break out the oversize cozy sweaters, tall boots, and pumpkin spice everything! I love all the seasons we get the pleasure of experiencing here in New England but there is something SO refreshing about those first crisp fall days after the long, hot summer. Fall weddings in New England are also some of my favorite! The foliage, the cooler temperatures, the fall-inspired menus, ugh all of it!

Today on the blog I wanted to share some of my favorite fall wedding color palettes! When you think of fall colors, I assume you immediately jump right to orange, reds, and yellows but there is so much more that you can do to create a cozy, autumn vibe beyond that palette! Take a look at my top 5 color schemes for fall along with some serious inspo-photos! Comment below and let me know what your fave is!

1. Dusty & Navy Blues, White and Orange

Upon reading this combination, you’re probably thinking, Alyssa – that sounds strange and how can I make that look ultra-chic for my fall wedding?! It’s all about choosing the right shades of each color – mute, soft dusty blues paired with dark navy (no bright royal blues!), whites and ivories and a burnt sienna orange. The below images show you just how you can make this palette work for some seriously swoon-worthy autumn vibes!

2. Taupe and Creams

So taupe is a very broad color – it really refers to anything in the grayish/brownish category. This muted palette works SO well for Fall if you do not want vibrant colors as part of your palette! It’s also super timeless and can pair with either a classic, elegant wedding or an outdoors, rustic barn wedding.

3. Burgundy, Blush and Greens

Deep reds just scream FALL WEDDING! When paired with blush and green – it lightens up the color scheme so it’s not too dark.

4. Black and Copper (and hints of white)

So this is a very moody color palette but would seriously be a stunner for an October wedding (Halloween, anyone?)! I literally just did a styled shoot at a distillery with this color palette (blog post on this to come next week!) and honestly I just fell in love with all the images and how the colors blended so perfectly. I completely understand this palette is not for everyone but for the bride going for that moody vibe or a Black Tie Halloween wedding, this is perfect.

5. Oranges and Reds

This right here is your very traditional fall color scheme but I had to include it. The colors are exactly what we envision when we picture New England fall foliage and if you can play off the natural elements provided by Mother Nature, that is a win-win.

I hope this helps with your fall wedding planning! Thanks for stopping by this week and as always, Happy Planning!

Love, Alyssa


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