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Colorful, Boho-Inspired Connecticut Wedding Shoot at Tamarack Lodge

It’s no secret around here that I love outdoor weddings with bohemian details! So much so that I decided to create an entire styled shoot consisting of all the details I love!

- Colorful pieces with turquoise taking center stage - CHECK

- Wood Farm Tables – CHECK

- Wicker Furniture & a Dreamy Lounge Set Up – CHECK

- A beautiful Gypsy Bride gown – CHECK

- Acres upon acres of woodlands, rivers and a kick-ass boho Teepee - YUP, CHECK!

I think I love this style so much because it takes me back to my hippie college days at UMASS Amherst where I consistently rocked bandannas, hemp necklaces, flowy, colorful tops and had colorful tapestries hung up on every wall of my dorm room. I know, it’s hard to picture that now since my personal style has evolved into a more tailored, clean cut look. But my inner flower child still shines through and gives me loads of design inspo!

The concept for this shoot started over the winter when Nicole from Evermore Imaging reached out and mentioned she wanted to do a styled shoot at this beautiful, rustic AirBnB in Fairfield. I had worked with Nicole before, love her work and obviously was down to collaborate again. I put together the design concept for this shoot based around the aesthetics of the property. After playing around with a few different options, I settled on “California Boho Meets New England Rustic.” I had thought of going full-on “California Festival Vibe” but hey, we are in New England so let’s capitalize on the natural settings we have right?!

Anyways, after building my vision board, I started to put together the team for this shoot. Several vendors I had worked with before and several were new connections I was able to create for this shoot. We also went through a venue change as the original AirBNB we wanted decided to ignore our requests (their loss!) so I started brainstorming other options that would fit with this theme.

I knew Amylu who coordinates the events at Tamarack Lodge and decided to reach out to see if she would be interested in hosting this shoot on their property. Lucky for us, they were! They had even started working with a new catering company, On The Spot Catering, and the pastry chef offered to create a dessert spread for us to feature in the shoot! Win and a win!

The most time-consuming part of planning shoots (at least for me) is choosing rental pieces that fit my design and are not overly commercial (because I really hate featuring mass produced stuff, I love incorporating vintage, one of a kind details!). I had heard of Together LLC and been admiring all of their pieces on Insta so figured this was a perfect time to reach out and make a connection. Rachel, the owner of the company, responded right away and invited me down to the showroom to chat about my vision and start choosing pieces.

Holy crap, when I walked into her showroom, I was in heaven! You guys – she has EVERYTHING! Furniture, tables, dishware, vintage bicycles, colorful water goblets, OMG just so much amazingness in one place. I was pumped. We had a couple of meetings to decide on everything and finalize the design pieces. She even went out of her way to source new pieces that she didn’t own yet to ensure everything we had come up with could be executed.

Now I don’t know if you guys remember April but it rained. Like A LOT. The week leading up to this shoot, the weather literally changed like 6 times. We finally decided the shoot was happening regardless of the weather and we moved it from an afternoon shoot to a morning shoot to hopefully beat the rain. Thanks again team for the 6am wake up calls to make sure we got this done!

Sometimes shoots give me anxiety in the planning stages because I am the epitome of a perfectionist but day-of the shoot, I absolutely LOVE the energy they bring (and is why I keep coming back even when I say “okay this is my last shoot”). Everyone is excited to be there seeing their creative expressions be brought to life. It’s so laid back because it’s not a real wedding, we have no major timelines and we can play around with things until they look just right. Plus, it’s a bunch of wedding industry professionals hanging out for the day and what is better than that?!

This shoot was no different. We all arrived early and started doing our thing. Tamarack Lodge brought us out coffee (thank you!) and everyone was totally in their element: Nicole scouting photography spots, Rachael styling the teepee with florals, the other Rachel unloading her beautiful pieces and styling the décor, and me just running around helping whoever needed help.

We started shooting around 11am when the models arrived from getting hair & makeup done. We knew the rain was coming so we really had to work fast. Unfortunately, we didn’t totally beat it. BUT – no one minded because the rain contributed to some amazing shots!

As usual – this shoot totally exceeded my expectations. The images speak for themselves. Everything came together so perfectly and I think totally reflects the style of “California Boho meets New England Rustic.”

Thank you again to this top-notch team of professionals who all contributed their services and time to making this happen! And thanks to Wed in the Wild for featuring us on your blog!


Planner/Design Concept: Alyssa Jean Signature Events; @alyssajeanevents

Venue: Tamarack Lodge; @tamaracklodge_ct

Photographer: Evermore Imaging: @evermoreimaging

Hair & Makeup: Christopher Michael Salon; @christophermichaelthesalon

Props & Styling & Cake: Together LLC; @togetherllc

Florist: Sage Hill; @sagehillct

Confetti: The Confetti Bar; @theconfettibar

Dessert Station: On The Spot Catering; @onthespotcatering

Bridal Dress: Gypsy Bride; @gypsybride

Suits: Generation Tux; @generationtux

Stationery & Name Tags: Cat Wilcox; @cat_wilcox

Models: @_lifeofvegans, @cmerola, @ashley_morganic

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