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7 tented wedding venues in Connecticut that we love!

Connecticut tented wedding venue

We absolutely love tented weddings here at Alyssa Jean Signature Events. Why?

Because we get to be that much more creative with your design! We are not "boxed in" (literally and figuratively) by the walls and constraints of a more traditional venue. We get to determine the style tent, the size, the lighting fixtures, the flooring, the layout, the placement, and every single thing that goes underneath it.

We are creating a venue specifically for YOUR wedding. It will never be used or set-up the exact same way again. Now, yes, this does mean there is a lot more work that goes into planning your day (but, duh, that is why you hired us as your planner, right?!) As we head into our fifth wedding season here in Connecticut, we have had the pleasure of helping numerous clients plan, design, manage and execute their tented weddings. And in that time, we have compiled a short list of favorites. And because we are just the best planners ever, we wanted to share some of our favorites with you! So here they are!

Hill-Stead Museum

Location: Farmington, Connecticut

Why we love it: The Hill-Stead is hands down one of our most beloved Connecticut venues. The grounds are sprawling and immaculately cared for. The property and mansion also hold so much history. You can even keep the interior of the house open for your guests to tour during cocktail hour. There are so many ways to use the space and I rarely have clients use the grounds the same way. And don't even get me started on how GORGEOUS your photos will be. I truly don't think there is a bad spot here for pictures. You are not locked in to any specific vendors and have the flexibility to bring in whoever you'd like. Overall, this is one of the best places in the state to host your tented soiree!

Smith Farm Gardens

Location: East Haddam, Connecticut

Why we love it: Another venue with the most stunning grounds! The house is also available to rent for the entire weekend and sleeps up to 11 people. So you and your bridal party or family can spend the weekend in this perfectly restored 1778 farmhouse. The venue includes your sailcloth tent, luxury outdoor restrooms, a large bridal suite, walking trails, an outdoor firepit and so much more. And the owners of the property couldn't be any more lovely. Smith Farm is an absolute gem and one we know you'll love!

Jonathan Edwards Winery

Location: North Stonington, Connecticut

Why we love it: Okay so where are my fellow wine lovers at?! Who hasn't dreamed of a romantic wedding at a vineyard? I mean, I know I did as I also got married at a vineyard. Jonathan Edwards is the place to go in Connecticut if you are looking for a tented affair on a vineyard. You can exchange your vows nestled amongst the vines, enjoy cocktail hour in their charming tasting room followed by a reception under their sailcloth tent (complete with turf flooring!) Plus, the bar is stocked with your choice of their fabulous wines!

Overlook at Geer Tree Farm

Location: Griswold, Connecticut

Why we love it: This hidden secret has one of the most spectacular views of any tented venue we have worked at. Your guests drive up a long drive through a Christmas tree farm until they reach the top where a classic sailcloth tent is set atop a beautiful brick patio. You have full access to 140 acres of private farmland and can wander about through the trees for some unforgettable photos. There is also a small bed & breakfast on the property that can be booked separately for the weekend.

Gallaher Mansion

Location: Norwalk, Connecticut

Why we love it: Unlike some of the other tented venues we have listed that are on farm land, this venue is within Cranberry Park in Norwalk. The beautiful 1930's mansion serves as the backdrop for your ceremony and cocktail hour. The tent comes included in your rental cost and is set atop stone so you do not need to worry about grass. The only thing we don't love about this option is the fact that the park remains open to the public so there is a chance you may have a few onlookers during your ceremony. Once the sun sets though, it is rare to see anyone else but your guests on the property.

Lion Rock Farm

Location: Sharon, Connecticut

Why we love it: You may be noticing a trend that we tend to love tented venues on sprawling, beautiful grounds. And Lion Rock is no exception. This is another property where the use of the space is only limited by your imagination. You have full access to the grounds from Friday-Sunday and the property has the ability to sleep upwards of 30 guests spread throughout various guest houses. We love the idea of spending the weekend with your closest friends and family enjoying the views, getting ready the morning of your wedding, exchanging your vows under the large tree on the back lawn, cocktails under the vine terrace and dancing the night away under a tent designed and created just for you!

Your Property

Location: Anywhere!

Why we love it: At-home weddings are some of nearest and dearest to our hearts. We have helped many clients plan their wedding at their family home or the new home they have built together. The sky is truly the limit when planning a wedding on private property (except for maybe your town's noise ordinances). There is really nothing we can't do when planning on your own land. Yes. Logistics are the most difficult when building your venue in a place not accustomed to hosting events but it can be done. It is imperative to have a skilled planner (like us!) on your side if you are even considering hosting a wedding at your home. There are so many things to think about - where does everyone park? where can the tent fit? where will we pull water and electricity from? what will the set-up and break-down schedule look like? who will actually coordinate the day without a venue coordinator on hand (well, your planner, obviously which is why you need one!) But logistics aside, some of the most beautiful weddings we have planned and designed have taken place on private property. If you can dream it, we can create it!

So there you have it! Our top 7 tented wedding venues in Connecticut. If you are getting married at one of these properties, let's talk!!!! We love them all and would love to help you plan your big day!




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