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Difficulties in Writing a Dissertation Research

The most common obstacle in the implementation of a research project is the lack of time. Every second author faces this problem. Dissertation writing is more often practiced by practitioners who have a master's degree behind them. Therefore, they do not have enough time to collect the evidence base and formalize the results: it is not so easy to combine work and scientific activity.

Some barriers may be specific. They depend not only on the qualifications of the author, but also on the chosen direction of training. It is generally accepted that the easiest way to conduct research is for the humanities, which will be based only on literature (theoretical aspects). Applied scientists will have to perform an experiment without fail to obtain an evidence base, develop a new way to solve a diagnosed problem, and test the results.

In any case, it will not be possible to avoid difficulties. For each researcher, they will certainly arise periodically. The main thing is to calmly respond and deal with them promptly. To do this, it is enough to use the rules of time management: plan your day, determine the direction of activity and not be lazy. There are no unbearable obstacles! Count only on your own strength and solve problems as they arise.

What mistakes do researchers make when doing dissertations?

All errors that occur during the conduct and writing of scientific work can be divided into two large groups:

  • Errors related to text and information processing;

  • Design related errors.

The first group includes the following types of errors that can lead to negative consequences: insufficient information and evidence base, the use of unverified information, excessive copying or quoting and reducing the uniqueness of the project, the presence of grammatical, stylistic and other errors in the text, weak argumentation of the author's own position, the absence of a mandatory structural element, etc.

The most common dissertation writing mistakes

To minimize the occurrence of this kind of errors, it is necessary for to make a lot of efforts: carefully search for and process sources of information, double-check them before including them in scientific work, minimize borrowing and copying, try to express thoughts more in your own words, taking into account the current rules of scientific style, double-check the text after writing and etc.

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